Our company’s social responsibility

We have decided to engage our responsibility in the protection of the environment and human resources.

The environment

For a long time, Pollet has considered respect for the environment to be extremely important. We follow this policy in all areas such as the choice of components for our products, the logistical optimization of our supplies, the definition of packaging and all actions related to factory production and the operation of our offices.

Our products and their components

When designing our products, we systematically make choices that limit their ecological impact as much as possible.

  • 100% of our products meet the biodegradability standards
  • 30% of our raw materials are from renewable resources
  • Pollet is focusing on its three major product lines: PolGreen, PolBio and PolVita, which are particularly respectful of human beings and nature. In 2018, eco-superior products represented 61% of our total production . Our ambition is to reach 70% by 2020

Our raw material supplies

Transport activity is particularly polluting and emits greenhouse gases, which is why we try to find the supplies we need as close as possible. 100% of our raw materials come from the EU within an average radius of 300 km around the production plant.

Our packaging

Packaging often has a very negative ecological impact, so we make sure that ours are environmentally friendly.

  • 100% recycled drums & 100% recyclable
  • 100% recyclable bottles
  • 100% recycled cardboard & 100% biodegradable

Our factory and offices

In our daily activities, our company also continues its efforts to protect the environment.

  • Since 2017, the entire plant – the offices and the production area – have been 100% carbon neutral
  • Our electricity is 100% green and has been since 2002
  • All our wastewater is treated
  • All our waste is sorted
  • We are about to be granted our ISO 14001 Certification

Our ecological certificates

In 2007, Pollet became the second Belgian company to obtain the European Ecolabel. Since then, we have obtained multiple ecological certifications.

Human resources

Health and safety

Pollet is committed to protecting the health and safety of human beings

  • Through its training courses, the Pollet Academy provides employees and customers with the know-how and experience that allows them to work efficiently and limit the risk of workplace accidents.
  • 55% of Pollet products are safefor the user and their customers.
  • 66% of Pollet products are non-corrosive
  • We have developed intelligent dosing systems that limit product overconsumption and, by avoiding contact with the concentrated product, it protects the health of our users.

Making children smile

We are committed to making hospitalized children smile. The equivalent of 5% of the sales of our Polvita selection is donated to two associations: Rire Médecin (France) and Cliniclowns (Belgium) that help hospitalized children and their families to fight the disease better.   


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Supporting Sustainable Development in Uganda

Pollet compensates for its CO² emissions by contributing to a program in Uganda where deforestation has become a serious problem, because 95% of the people depend entirely on wood and charcoal to cook their daily meals.

This project consists of promoting widespread access to high-performance stoves throughout the country that will reduce wood and coal consumption by 40%. This reduces deforestation and therefore saves trees and ensures better living conditions for the population. In addition, it reduces CO² emissions by 1.4 tonnes per stove per year.

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