Our reason for being is to develop cleaning in a sustainable way.

Our company is built on the legacy of several generations. If we have been able to develop our activities for almost three centuries, it is thanks to innovation, which has always been at the heart of our strategy.

The passion of our managers and  of our employees has enabled Pollet to develop high-performance products and a unique expertise. We are determined to ensure that this legacy continues and that we continue to uphold our values.

Our preferred customers are cleaning companies, local authorities and large industrial areas with whom we cultivate close relationships, so we can to continuously enhance our expertise in cleaning methods in order to meet the real needs of our users.


Our mission is to improve people’s health and to promote their well-being through innovative cleaning solutions. It also means helping businesses live in a cleaner, healthier environment with increasingly efficient products.

In this context, we provide cleaning solutions that offer the best cost-effectiveness ratio and contribute to the sustainability of our planet by being more and more environmentally friendly.

To achieve this, we rely on our values:

  • Respect: because it is the basis of all human relationships.
  • Innovation: it is essential to keep our customers’ eyes sparkling as the cleaning market evolves. It is in our DNA and that, among other things, explains Pollet’s long existence.
  • Excellence: our business requires precision work in order to generate optimal results. And afterwards, a job well done is even more appreciated.
  • Passion: at Pollet, we are all very lucky that we have a job that we are very passionate about. We would like to share it with you through our products, our service and our expertise.

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