Innovate with the cleaning experts

Expertise and innovation are the two pillars on which Pollet has built its development.


Innovation is at the heart of our strategy. It allows the cleaning world to evolve in a sustainable way and to meet the changing needs of our users. The starting point is always our firm commitment to helping the customer. We are therefore constantly listening to our users.

Pollet has always been strongly innovation-oriented. It is thanks to continuous innovation that Pollet has been able to evolve since its creation in 1763. Over time, we have had 4 different professions. So we have constantly had to reinvent ourselves in order to always adapt to the market. Daring to be new is therefore anchored in our daily lives. Here are some examples:

  • 1st telephone in Tournai (its number was 1) in 1905.
  • 1st truck in Belgium (1907)
  • 1st liquid soap (1956)
  • Pioneer in biotech products (1993)
  • 2nd Belgian company with the European Ecolabel (2006)
  • Pioneer in protective probiotic products (2018)

In order to maintain this culture of innovation, our chemical engineers and doctors of microbiology work in close collaboration with numerous research centres in Belgium, France and the USA as well as with Belgian universities.

Thanks to this dynamic, we have filed three patents since 2016, and have won three innovation awards in Belgium and in France. And we do not intend to stop there. Many other highly innovative projects are under development.

In order to respect the company’s mission, we always make sure that new products scrupulously respect four conditions: the effectiveness of the product, the health of our users, respect for the environment and a time saver for the user.

Scientist working in laboratory


Pollet has forged its expertise for almost three centuries. These years of experience and its culture of continuous innovation have enabled Pollet to acquire an unequalled level of expertise. The result is an increased knowledge of cleaning methods and eco-superior quality products (a contraction of ecological and superior quality).

At the product level, thanks to an efficient supply, we optimize the selection of the best raw materials. Our laboratory can then use all its experience to guarantee us optimal formulations. But an optimal product without knowing how to use it, doesn’t solve anything. That’s why we also offer our customers complete support for cleaning methods and equipment. We can therefore say we offer a complete cleaning solution. This resulted in the MEP (a contraction of Methods, Equipment and Products), which are reference guides for each specific cleaning, that will allow our customers to achieve optimal results.

And in order to share this expertise, we have created our training centre called the “Pollet Academy”. The Pollet Academy program consists of a wide range of courses given by professionals for all our clients’ employees in their various functions.


Our expertise in biotechnology

There is a specific field in which Pollet has reached a very high level of expertise in recent years, that of biotechnological and probiotic cleaning.

Pollet has been developing and marketing biotechnological cleaning products containing beneficial enzymes and/or bacteria since the ‘90s. Our company has really established itself as a pioneer in this field.

Today, Pollet offers an extensive program of biotechnology products under the name PolBio, and in 2018 we launched the innovative concept of “Protective Probiotic Cleaning” with the PolVita selection of protective probiotic cleaners.


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