Protect the health of your customers and your staff

Cleaning your kitchen or restaurant is essential to maintaining optimal hygiene and it also allows you to cook in the best conditions. All day long, the food leaves dirt on the tables, work surfaces and floors. As a chef or restaurateur, your first concern is to ensure the quality of the food that is being served, by minimizing the health risks for your customers, while ensuring the health of your staff. In addition, you are always ready for an unexpected visit from the inspection agencies.

For cleaning and disinfection to be fully effective, it must be done with professional tools of the highest quality. That is why, since 1991, Pollet has been distributing, exclusively for the Belux, Vikan Cleaning Tools, the world’s specialist in the field of hygienic cleaning tools.

To help you build or maintain a solid reputation, Pollet would like to offer you our Kitchen selection:


Our beneficial enzymes and bacteria do the dirty work for you!

Products containing beneficial enzymes and/or bacteria, also called “biotechnological” products, respond to cleaning problems that traditional chemistry cannot solve.

No more slippery floors or people falling at work!

Did you know that more than 30% of work accidents are due to people falling on slippery floors? In fact, over time and despite cleaning, grease accumulates on the floors and makes them dangerously slippery. Clearly, the consequences of work-related accidents are causing significant problems for companies.


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