Industrial maintenance, your insurance for a worry-free production process

Regular cleaning maintenance and eliminating dirt will ensure the best conditions for your production.

Too often, industrial companies lose sight of regular industrial maintenance. They also run the risk of having to stop production with all the losses this entails. A shutdown is always more expensive than a planned maintenance. This is an excellent reason to invest in cleaning your machines, tools, work surfaces and floors.

Manufacturing components, tools, work surfaces and even floors in industrial environments are often complex to clean. In addition, there are risks to the users and dangers to the environment.

Pollet offers innovative cleaning solutions for every type of industry to make your life easier. You can clean and degrease any industrial environment while respecting the health of your cleaning teams.


Clean up after a disaster in a safe and effective way

Being equipped with a high efficiency product is essential to restoring surfaces and floors that have been damaged in a fire. That is why we have perfected the formula of the Firecleaner degreasing cleaner, by improving its anti-odor function, for example.

No more slippery floors or people falling at work!

Did you know that more than 30% of work accidents are due to people falling on slippery floors? In fact, over time and despite cleaning, grease accumulates on the floors and makes them dangerously slippery. Clearly, the consequences of work-related accidents are causing significant problems for companies.


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