Clean and protect your hard floors in one single step

The beauty of the floors improves the brand image of your establishment, contributes to employee satisfaction and makes your reception more welcoming. Nearly 93% of workers are more motivated in a clean space, so cleaning floors is essential for the well-being of people working or visiting your company.

The difficulty of cleaning floors lies in the fact that they are subject to heavy dirt and traffic. On floors protected with Pollet specialty products, there is a decrease in the amount of new dirt and any porosity is filled by the soap film, which results in a 30% increase in gloss, a 25% reduction in slipping, and therefore significantly less risk of falling.


Protect your floors by cleaning them

Linpol Green, an unparalleled product for high-traffic floors

Product and method, an inseparable duo

Perfect cleaning requires the use of cleaning products that are suitable for the required action (degreasing, scouring, descaling,…) and the type of surface that needs to be cleaned. To achieve this, you need an inseparable duo: a good product and a good method.


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