Biotechnological Products

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The Biotechnological Product label certifies that the product in question is produced using biotechnology and thus contains one or more active biological agents.

Biotechnology is an innovative technique that uses:

  • Beneficial bacteria: These are living organisms that are selected for their capacity to digest different types of stains
  • Enzymes: These are organic molecules produced by micro-organisms. These molecules destroy dirt
  • Organic acids produced by micro-organisms: These acids have descaling and cleaning properties

These three elements are used to replace chemical substances present in a number of cleaning products.In addition to their unique effectiveness; biotechnological products thus have a very small impact on the environment.

There are two main advantages to this new technology:

1.     Effectiveness

The active biological agents used in biotechnology are very efficient.Unlike classic cleaning products, these products with their biotechnology formula destroy dirt.

Classic chemical products in fact remove dirt and mix it into the cleaning water. Once the surface has been treated and wiped, the product has completely disappeared.

Biotechnological products work differently! The active biological agents do not remove the dirt; they destroy it. Once the surface has been rinsed and dried, a number of the active ingredients remain on the surface.These continue to work when more dirt appears.They keep your surface cleaner for longer therefore.

2.     Respect for our environment

The active biological agents that are removed with the water continue their work during the evacuation process.They work in your drainpipes as well as the evacuation system right up until the moment they are released into nature. They clean a lot more than the surface that needed cleaning in the first place. These are what we called bio-degrading agents.